On-demand insurance for you

Say goodbye to boring long-term contracts and expensive annual premiums. With blanket you only pay for what you need and when you need it. You say it!

Manage all your belongings in your digital safe

Add Belongings

Add new belongings to the app in few steps.

Turn on- Turn off

You can easily turn the protection for your belongings on or off anytime.

Create a new Claim

Don't panic, in case of claim: you can chat with Anna, the bot-assistant from blanket, whenever you need.

Customer Service

The customer service is always there for you directly in the App.

It's that simple

Add Belongings

Add your smartphone, camera or laptop easily to your digital safe. There you can manage them at one.

Protection on-demand

You are taking part in the Tour de France? Turn the protection on when you go and off when you're back home.

Create a new Claim

Smartphone stolen or broken? With Anna, the bot-assistant from blanket, you can easily create new claims whenever you need to and we will inform you about any changes as fast as we can.